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Deep Tissue Massage 30 Min.

  • 30 Minuten
  • 70 Schweizer Franken
  • Steinenbachgässlein


Deep Tissue Massage is an extremely valuable tool where we use the thumb, the fist, the forearm or the shoulder in a series of deep massage techniques. This technique, originally developed for therapeutic purposes, is applied to reach the deep muscles of the body. Not only does it meet the needs of the individual patient, but it also enables us to reestablish a certain balance in their posture. Benefits • Reestablishes the natural balance of the posture (after a number of sessions) • Loosens the adhesions in order to regain normal agility • Opens the space between the muscles and their fasciae, thereby enhancing the sliding of the structures between them • Relaxes the muscles, opening the necessary space among nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels

Contact details

  • Steinenbachgässlein 25, 4051 Basel, Schweiz

    + 41 61 271 22 97

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