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Fascial Manipulation 120 Min.

  • 2 Stunden
  • 190 Schweizer Franken
  • Steinenbachgässlein


Fascial Manipulation is a state-of-the-art form of manual therapy where abnormal adherences or thickening of the connective tissue around muscles and organs, called “fasciae”, are found and loosened. This kind of thickening is found in EACH and every athlete and in nearly every person suffering from back pains. Without treatment, over time your capability of generating power and strength with your muscles and tendons will greatly decrease, not only impairing your performance, but possibly also leading to recurring pains and/or injuries. The elimination of these adherences through Fascial Manipulation normalizes the energy transfer and the pains rapidly disappear. Fascial Manipulation may speed up the recovery after injuries due to sporting activities or spinal injuries, such as back and neck pains, headaches, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS, commonly known as Runner’s knee), plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the plantar fascia, tissue on the lower side of the foot), other walking or running injuries, shoulder and knee pains and many more. Regardless of the individual cause of these (and many other) painful conditions, Fascial Manipulation will help to alleviate them completely and permanently more quickly. Through Fascial Manipulation, our massage therapists are able to optimize the performance of athletes, to ease or even to resolve pains and injuries of all kinds, and to prevent new symptoms from arising again. When is Fascial Manipulation recommended? • Headaches and migraines • Pains in the area of the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine • Rotator cuff tendinitis (shoulder condition) • Patellar tendinitis (knee condition) • Runner’s knee or iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) • Medial or lateral epicondylitis (so-called Tennis or Golfer’s elbow) • Achilles tendon pain • Wrist tendinitis • Post-operative scars • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (lower back or hip) • Plantar fasciitis (bottom of the foot) • Ankle sprains

Contact details

  • Steinenbachgässlein 25, 4051 Basel, Schweiz

    + 41 61 271 22 97

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