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Swedish Massage 30 Min.

  • 30 Min.
  • 70 Schweizer Franken
  • Steinenbachgässlein


Swedish Massage (the most popular form of massage in Northern America) is mainly a massage of the muscles and can be offered with various scopes: for relaxing, for toning, lightly or more deeply, in a general way or with a special aim. The particular benefit of this kind of massage is that it can be adapted exactly to the needs of the clients. The aim of the Swedish Massage is to relax the muscles, thereby taking into account the whole body. Benefits • Leads to deep relaxation and harmony of the body • Facilitates the relief of muscle tensions • Maintains the muscle elasticity of athletes • Improves blood circulation and venous return • Helps with the release of toxins • Boosts the oxygen supply and the nourishing of the tissues • Nourishes the skin and the tissues, and makes them smoother • Helps with stress relief • Improves recreation and sleep quality

Contact details

  • Steinenbachgässlein 25, 4051 Basel, Schweiz

    + 41 61 271 22 97

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