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Isidora - Switzerland -  August 2022

Had an amazing experience with Enrico. After only one massage a lot of tense points feel loosened and his approach through fascial manipulation stand out and seem to offer a much more causal solution to problems of the musculoskeletal system. Following this experience I also received an e-mail with many tips on how to prevent tension with stretching exercises and many links to different videos/exercises which I greatly appreciated. All in all a wonderful experience.

Reto - Switzerland -  Juli 2022

Sehr zufrieden mit der guten Behandlung von Enrico. Ich suchte eine spezifische Sportmassage und bi beeindruckt vom Know-how and Service!

Tom - USA -  Juni 2022

You and Pat are great. Thank you both!!

Abhijit - Asia -  Mai 2022

Had a very intensive massage. Enrico really took pains to understand my pain points and work on them. The massage is very intense and sometimes painful but extremely useful.

Stefan - Switzerland -  Mai 2022

Enrico's Behandlung war top professionell. Er erklärt genau auf was er schaut, was Ursachen für die Beschwerden sein können und erklärt bei jedem Behandlungsschritt genau was er als Nächstes tun wird. Zudem gibt er Tips zur Prävention. Absolut empfehlenswert!!!

Sandra - Switzerland -  April 2022

War unglaublich professionell! Enrico hat sich sehr viel Zeit genommen meinen Körper zu verstehen und herauszufinden wo die Auslöser der Schmerzen sind. Ich kann wirklich jeder und jedem Sportler eine Therapie bei Enrico empfehlen.

Dogus - Switzerland -  April 2022

As an athlete, I would say I searched and found it. After a long time of trying and changing from massage salon to massage salon, I found a specialist, Enrico. Enrico not only massages blindly, but takes the time to first make a diagnosis and then suggest a method that is effective. I exercise up to 6x a week and this puts a strain on my mind and body, so I now have a regular place where I get treatment to regenerate better. 200% recommended because it is more than just a wellness program. Enrico does not caress, Enrico treats, exactly on the actual condition and is also a lively person and sports fan :)

AG - Switzerland -  März 2022


Rebekka - Switzerland -  Februar 2022

It was really great. Enrico works really professionally and carefully. I especially appreciated that I got an email with stretching exercices after the massage. The massage was right on the spot and super relaxing.

Lisa - England -  Januar 2022

Suedosportif massage and myofascial release are great

Kathrin - Switzerland -  Januar 2022


Nicolas - Switzerland -  November 2021

Enrico is very friendly and I can absolutely recommend his performance massage. The adhesions in the fascia could be loosened and you can feel the positive effect during sport.

Tina - Switzerland -  November 2021

I came with a neck pain and Pat took it on really well. The pain is gone and Pat has also emailed me tips and exercises on how I can prevent further tension despite working at the desk. Great service, good location, everything very clean and designed to make you feel good. I'll be back!

Flavia - Switzerland -  October 2021

Loved it there :) Enrico takes the time to listen and explain carefully and the massage was so relaxing but at the same time so effective for my muscles!

Bibi - Switzerland -  August 2021


Juan - Spanien -  Juli 2021

Excellent Experience. Very friendly and professional. Thanks a lot.

Leia - Switzerland -  Juni 2021


Dominik - Switzerland -  April 2021

Sehr gute Massage mit wirklich gutem Nutzen. Es werden Verspannungen wirklich gelindert und das ist nicht Immer nur angenehme, aber das ist genau das Positive.

Martin - Switzerland -  April 2021

Top professionelle Sportmassage die zu 100% hält was sie verspricht! Nach langem Suchen bin ich hier fündig geworden! 

Raquel - Switzerland - April 2021

Buscando un masajista profesional, una amiga me recomendó a Enrico. Ha sido una experiencia asombrosa desde el primer minuto y altamente recomendable! La atención que se recibe, el profundo conocimiento y la increible pasión de lo que hace se ve reflejado en una sesión 10 estrellas. No se trata solo de un masaje convencional puesto que Enrico se toma un tiempo precioso (mientras te recuperas bebiendo un té) para explicar lo que ha hecho y su sentido, también de como funciona y conecta cada una de las partes de nuestro cuerpo-mente. Es un ,,todo en uno". Además, te actualiza y mantiene informado con recursos y ejercicios que te pueden aportar al igual que ayudar a seguir mejorando. Su sed de conocimiento y aprendizaje es ilimitado y es un placer compartirlo. Deseando probar los cuidados faciales muy pronto. Gracias infinitas chicos!

Urszula - Switzerland -  Februar 2021

Great and very professional service, I had a relaxing oil massage and I felt great after. I also received advice how to continue to work at home on my tensed muscles!

Ayten - Switzerland -  Januar 2021

Worth every penny!! Wundervolle Sportmassage, danach habe ich schon immer gesucht - und jetzt bei Pat fündig geworden! Professionelle, liebevolle und sehr aufmerksame Betreuung. Absolut empfehlenswert!!

Enrique - Spain -  November 2020

Pat & Enrico super professionals, very welcoming, massages are fantastic, 5 stars! Thank you very much Pat & Enrico

Hanan - Switzerland -  November 2020

Probably the best massage I ever had. Enrico is extremely professional, competent and caring. He took the time to listen and explain. Would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Enrico!

Mario - Switzerland -  Oktober 2020

Super Masseur, freundlich, geht auf den Kunden ein, bespricht evt. Verletzungen und das Ambiente ist auch TOP :) vielen herzlichen Dank Enrico

F.G. - Switzerland -  Oktober 2020

I got a very professional massage! After the massage they gave me some precious information how to prevent future injuries. Thank you, I am looking forward to come again.

Tamer - Switzerland -  Oktober 2020

I had the best experience. Nice and warm welcome. Pat took the time to listen and ask about my health and needs. Pat tailored the massage to fit my needs in a very professional way. I honestly felt the difference after the session. The atmosphere and set up of the place was very relaxing. Also the place is not far in the city center with a lot of public transportation. As promised Enrico followed up the appointment with an invoice and some useful information on being healthy. I was really impressed with the useful information and the level of professionalism. I would highly recommend this center.

Arsenios - Switzerland -  Oktober 2020

Sehr angenehme Atmosphäre und super Massage!

Heike - Switzerland -  August 2020


Sercan - Switzerland -  Juli 2020

Danke Enrico! Sehr professionell!

Dogu - Switzerland -  Juni 2020

War schon seit längerem auf der suche nach einem guten masseur, der viel kraft hat und die trigger points findet, die massage war einfach nur mega, sehr schmerzhaft aber sehr gut.

Jessica - Switzerland -  Juni 2020


Steve - United Kingdom -  Juni 2020

I had a nice warm and friendly welcome on both of my visits. Enrico took time to listen and ask about my health, sports, issues and problems. He is very professional. He tailored the massage to my needs. The atmosphere is very relaxing. As promised, he followed up the appointment with an invoice and some suggested exercises and a link to yoga sessions online to assist further. The door to Sports Thai Massage is not very obvious - it is right next to Subway. Look for number 5 above the door.

123petra99 - South Africa -  Mai 2020

"Best massage in a very long time"

Went for a deep tissue massage. Not only very impressed by Enrico‘s knowledge on anatomy, physiology and how it translated into massage but also the professionalism coupled with a thorough understanding of the individual needs. Thank you indeed.

Barbara - Switzerland -  Mai 2020

Die beste Thai-Massage ever! Professionell, freundlich, zuvorkommend - ich komme sehr gerne wieder und kann dieses Studio nur weiterempfehlen!

Simon - Switzerland -  März 2020

"Great Expereience"

This man knows his stuff. Great experience and advice. The best thing is: after the treatment he sends you a sheet with suggested exercices to improve whatever problem you have.

Hafer - Switzerland -  März 2020

"Top DeepTissue Massage"

Sehr professionelle-kompetente Massage durch Pat, 0.5h extra,und danach kamen noch mails mit Tips für die Problemzonen. Top Service und ein sehr freundliches team. Gerne wieder.

Fedalo - Switzerland -  Februar 2020

Super Massage!! schon nach der Massage habe ich mich viel besser gefühlt und heute ein Tag danach noch besser! Absolut empfehlenswert!!


Alexandros - Greece -  Februar 2020

Excellent massage and professional approach.

Jannik - Switzerland -  Februar 2020


Silvio - Brazil -  Januar 2020

Super Massage! Vielen Dank Bin heute aufgestanden und habe fast keine Rückenschmerzen mehr! Es war PERFEKT.

PoellingAE - Switzerland -  Dezember 2019

"Very professional - highly recommended!"

I had my first massage in a very long time. It was a gift from a work colleague who regularly goes to Enrico for her massages. It was truly an excellent massage and I felt very much reinvigorated. Enrico is undoubtedly a professional in this trade and knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting a massage.

Chris J - Switzerland -  November 2019

Having pain in my shoulders that I couldn't get rid of with stretching I booed 2 sessions with Enrico. He really understands his work and besides a good massage, there comes also a lot of explanation with it, which helps to understand the source of the pain and how your body works and what you can do to prevent it. He even sent me a couple of documents to help with exercises for doing at home. Grazie Enrico, ci vediamo!

Basel Fit - Switzerland -  November 2019

Sehr empfehlenswert. Beide sehr kompetent!

Ernesto - Brazil -  Oktober 2019 

"Top professional"

Highly recommended! Enrico is a top professional who understands his trade. He fixed my problem in no time.

Francois804 - Switzerland -  Oktober 2019 

"My treatment and well-being came first"

Enrico is very thoughtful, adjusting treatment to what is most needed and effective, while explaining everything along the way. The patient / customer clearly comes first. Highly recommended.

Joas - Switzerland -  Oktober 2019 

"Einzigartige Massage, hochprofessionelle Ausführung"

Enrico und Pat beherrschen die Kunst der Massage vortrefflich. Es ist eine gute Investition in die eigene Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden, einfach fantastisch!! Die Behandlung erfolgt auf eine äusserst liebevolle Art und Weise, so dass man das sports Thai gestärkt und mit bester Laune verlässt. Absolut empfehlenswert!!

Naggi - Switzerland -  Oktober 2019

Eine wundervolle sportsmassage, welche ich nicht missen möchte, da man sich jeweils danach top erholt fühlt. alles perfekt eingerichtet und liebevolle und sehr aufmerksame Betreuung durch Enrico und Pat. Absolut empfehlenswert!!!!!!

Kaja - Slovenia -  Oktober 2019

Amazing sports and deep tissue massage, but do certainly not trust my words - go and try it for yourself !!

Thanks Enrico and see you soon.

Fascinee -  Japan -  September 2019



"It was better than expected."

I did not expect much from European massage, but it was better than expected. It is performed by Italian and Thai couples, and the main is a Swedish massage (massage along the muscles). The Swedish massage that I knew was something that I couldn't put effort into, but at their place it was quite strong (it was painful during the procedure. The next day I had a mild muscle pain and my physical condition was much better. He / she tells kindly how to stretch everyday. The place is easy to go and recommended. Reservation can be easily done by specifying time on the net. The language seems to be usable in English, Italian and French.

Is Is - Japan -  September 2019

正直あまり期待しないで行ったのですが,よかったです.筋肉に沿ったマッサージで,言えば力も強め(施術中は結構痛かった.言えば弱くもしてくれると思います.)でやってくれます.翌日などは少し筋肉痛になる感じで,身体の調子が全体的にかなりよくなりました.日常でのストレッチの仕方も丁寧に教えてくれます. 英語のほか,イタリア語,フランス語が使えるようです.

To be honest, I did not expect much, but it was good. It is a massage along the muscles, so to speak it is strong (I was quite painful during the procedure. I think it will weaken it). The next day and so on, I felt a little muscular pain, and my overall physical condition improved considerably. It will also teach you how to stretch everyday. In addition to English, Italian and French can be used.

Lillian - USA -  September 2019

"Much better than your ordinary massage...pain-relieving therapy along with an education".

I walked in loaded with pain and tension in my neck and back. I walked out pain-free, relaxed and happy. Enrico took time to explain how the muscles work and what I need to do to avoid the tightness and knots that were plaguing me. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy which he is willing to teach and then reinforce with email attachments of his recommendations. He is the ultimate professional, caring, kind and thoughtful. The place is immaculate, serene and comfortable.

Srivatsan - India -  August 2019


Mike - Switzerland -  Juli 2019

Sportmassage - in Perfektion.


Liviusz - Germany -  Juni 2019

Best massage of my life. Too bad I dont live in Basel, otherwise I would go there often

CustomerUSA1 - USA -  Juni 2019

"Excellent Service !"

I have lots of tension and poor circulation in my body. Both Enrico and Pat and wonderful! They not only help to alleviate my discomfort during my appointments, but they care about my overall wellbeing by making recommendations on things I can do outside of my appointments to improve my tension and circulation issues. I highly recommend their service for anyone with tension issues or anyone just needing to relax.


DMatiix - Switzerland -  Mai 2019

The Sehr empfehlenswert! Kompetente und wertvolle Anlaufstelle bei Schmerzen, Verspannung etc. oder auch zum Relaxen. 👍🏼


Spassti - Switzerland -  April 2019

The Outstanding experience, have felt better than in a long time after a treatment with Enrico, it's not just a massage, it's healing.

Gretta - Switzerland -  April 2019

"Very knowledgeable, individualised treatment." 

The treatments I have so far have been exceptional, and very much individualised to my needs in a highly knowledgeable and empathetic manner, you will feel absolutely wonderful walking out of there, both physically and mentally.

Boštjan - Slovenia -  April 2019

Excellent massage, very professional. Highly recommended.

Oeuvreastrale - Switzerland -  März 2019

"Perfekte, effiziente und professionelle Kommunikation und Behandlung." 

Enrico hat grosses Wissen über den menschlichen Körper, über Muskeln, Energielaufbahnen und Triggerpunkte - das kommt während und nach der Massage zur Geltung. Ich fühle mich jedes Mal bestens aufgehoben. Es ist nicht einfach eine Massage, es ist ein Ereignis für Körper und Geist.

Ragesh - Switzerland -  Februar 2019

Great experience. Will do this again. Enrico is very friendly and knowledgeable. Furthermore he takes the time to give you a very good explanation. Highly recommended!!

Armin - Switzerland -  Dezember 2018

Pat und Enrico, erst als ich Euch gefunden habe, bekam ich die Massage, die ich mein ganzes Leben gesucht habe. Ich habe die Wirkung Eurer Behandlung mit einem kleinen EKG Gerät wissenschaftlich gemessen: ich habe mich erwiesenermassen während der Massage tiefer erholt, als in der Nacht im Schlaf. Natürlich ist es wichtig, sich regelmässig durchmassieren zu lassen. Man isst ja auch nicht nur 1 mal pro Jahr. Ich freu mich schon aufs nächste Mal. Liebe Grüsse Armin Barandun HRV Coaching

João - Portugal -  Dezember 2018


Almas - USA -  December 2018

Enrico was clearly very knowledgeable and offered me a lot of hints and tips too. Had such a great massage and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

John - USA -  November 2018

Enrico was very knowledgeable and skilled. I definitely recommend him for treating muscle pain as well as regular sports massages.

Christoph - Switzerland -  November 2018

Ich war am Dienstag zum Schröpfen bei Enrico! Nach einer anfänlichen perfekten Massage kriegte ich um die 12 "Confitüren-Gläser" auf Rücken und Seite geklebt (mit Unterdruck haften diese auf der Haut). Zwei dieser Gläser verwendete Enrico dann noch, um mit deren Vakuum links und rechts beim Schulterblatt zu massieren. Das war eine ganz neue und unvergleichliche Erfahrung mit unglaublicher Tiefenwirkung! Speziell cool finde ich auch, dass diese Methode schon 3300 v. Chr. praktiziert wurde - man stelle sich das mal vor! Übrigens: Die Technik hinterlässt ordentliche Spuren auf der Haut -laut Enrico sollten diese aber nach 10 Tagen weg sein. :-)
Danke nochmals, Enrico!

Jen187T - USA -  November 2018

"Exceptional Massage Therapy." 

Highly technical and extremely knowledgeable massage therapists. Lovely couple who owns the practice. Highly recommended.

Explorer3189907 - Switzerland -  November 2018


The best place. Very profesional. Quiet and good smeel . Very relaxing. I need such à massage whenever I m in Basel to feel great and in better shape.

Elomir - England -  November 2018

"Best sport massage in Basel." 

If you are an addicted runner/trail runner, this place is for you. Enrico is an exceptional therapist. He knows well how to release your pain, and makes you stronger. Highly recommended!


David - Switzerland -  November 2018

"Hochprofessionelle Massage mit vorgängig erhobener Anamnese."

Eine muskuläre Verspannung wurde problemos von Enrico gelöst auf sehr angenehme und kompetente Art. Sehr saubere Praxis mit guter Atmosphäre und zentral gelegen. Menschlich und fachlich top- BRAVO.

Raoul - Switzerland -  November 2018

Hochprofessionelle Massage mit vorangehender Anamnese. Sehr professionell, äusserst freundlich, kompetent. Es erfolgt zuerst eine Anamnese und dann eine ganzheitliche Massage. Eine akute muskuläre Verspannung konnte Enrico problemlos lösen und es folgten auch Präventionstips mit Uebungsanleitungen. Sehr saubere und angenehme Praxis im Herzen der Stadt. Ich kann Sports Thai Massage wärmstens empfehlen.

Gianni - Belgium -  November 2018

Super Kompetenz... Online Termin buchen und vorbei gehen!

Alessandro - Switzerland -  Oktober 2018

"Meine beste Massage in der Region." 

Die beste Massage die ich je hatte. Sowohl Pat als Enrico erkennen sofort was man als Kunde braucht. Sie haben eine hohe Fachkompetenz und auch menschlich fühlt man sich bei ihnen wohl. Ich gönne mir jede Woche mindestens einmal eine Massage. Es ist gut für den Körper und die Seele. Verpasst es nicht zu Pat und Enrico zu gehen.

Bernadett - Hungary -  Oktober 2018

Tolle Sport Massage und tolle Massage für werdende Mütter! Ich kann sie nur empfehlen, sie sind absolut professionell. Immer freundliche, sehr nette Atmosphäre.

Vr Lux - Luxembourg -  September 2018

They are true professionnals, share alot of their knowledge, are open for any questions and the massages are just awesome. Worth every penny, which btw is a great price! Would def recommend, especially the swedisch sport massage for every athlete out there.

Juana - Peru -  August 2018


Birgit - Italy -  August 2018

Die beste schwedische Massage, die ich je (von einem Italiener) bekommen habe! Alle 2 Wochen gönne ich mir 90min, und die sind jeden Franken wert!

Sandra - Switzerland -  Juli 2018

Very professional! Had a couples-massage there and it was a great experience! Highly recommended for everyone who needs professional and nice treatment. They know their job! Thank you and we’ll be back :)

Mackz86 - Norway -  Juli 2018

Great sport massage (60 min), very professional and friendly, nice atmosphere. I´ll come back...

Karen - Switzerland -  Juli 2018

Great trigger point massage, owners are very friendly.

Daniel - Sweden -  Juni 2018

Highly recommended. Enrico & Kanayapak take a very competent and integral approach (anatomy, biomechanics, functional fitness, ...) to their profession. They worked on my muscular aches and pains to get me through year's tennis season...and made me aware of a few things that I could work on to improve muscular balance and flexibility.
Grazie mille!

Douglas - Sweden -  April 2018


Marlies - Switzerland -  März 2018

Das ist der beste Ort in Basel für eine ausgezeichnete und professionelle Massage. Ich bin begeistert und gönne mir regelmässig eine Massage.

Chiara - Italy -  Februar 2018

Best place in Basel to get a massage, whether you want a Thai or a sporty one! The owners are amazing, they do understand what you need, they know what they are doing really good and on top they are super kind and the price is really affordable. I strongly recommend it !

Elodie - France -  Februar 2018

If you are looking to relax your muscles, orto help you be stronger in your run/trail, this is THE place to go! I go there every 2 weeks and it really helps me to relax, to re-energise and to tone up. Great team there! Thank you

Linda - Sweden -  Januar 2018

Only after one massage I feel this will change my tight hips and lower back. Amazing people!

Aline - Switzerland -  Januar 2018

Very good place and not only for the massage but for all the advices and the nice people ruling this place.

Dr Moshé - Canada -  Januar 2018

Je recommande vivement cet institut où les praticiens diplômés pratiquent des soins professionnels et sérieux prodigués avec un soin tout à fait prodigieux. Alliance de thérapies manuelles suédoise et thaï axés sur les tensions musculaires pour un rééquilibrage énergétique. L’endroit est d’une grande propreté, on s’y sent bien. On se sent comme une abeille à la sortie du soin... à tester !

Martin - Switzerland -  Dezember 2017

Die Sport- und Antistress-Massagen sind absolut top! Kann ich jedem nur empfehlen. Man fühlt sich anschliessend entspannt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes und die Muskulatur ist für die kommenden Trainings wieder voll leistungsfähig. Grossartig und auch preislich mehr als fair! Weiter so..!

Krisztina  - Hungary -  Dezember 2017

The best massage in Basel. Professional, knowledgeable, highly recommended.

Nova - USA -  Dezember 2017

Professional, knowledgeable, perfectly located, nice ambiance. I really enjoyed the sports massage.

Thomas - France -  November 2017

Enfin des vrais massages en profondeur!

Betty - France -  November 2017

Recommandé pour le sportifs !!

Chantal - France -  Oktober 2017

3ème séance pour moi. Je recommande. C'est des professionnels.

F Hibou - Germany -  Oktober 2017

Qualitätsmassagen, ein Vergnügen !

Tamtam - United Kingdom -  September 2017

Very good

Aya In - Singapore -  September 2017

Highly recommend

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